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The people behind Conchu are:

@tandelaf is Conchu’s intellectual and partly technical creator. Because of work reasons (even if it sounds unbelievable) he had to test and try, using himself as subject, most dating apps. After little time he realized something was off (read The Story). @tandelaf is single, holds an IT Engineering degree and is also a Master in Marketing and Business Strategy. Regarding hard Engineering, he’s holds worthless and outdated CCNA and CSE Cisco badges. He moves around a lot but currently he lives in Santiago, Chile and he’s an entrepreneur and non-fiction writer. He lived in Los Angeles, California and Miami, Florida for a little over three years. Before starting Conchu he was mostly a corporate slave in major Telco and most of the time he worked in business positions, but he was always thinking and developing his technological ideas is his spare time. Before Conchu he created, coded and launched 8 websites, 4 of which were moderately successful and 2 of them were sold.

@felipe is also an IT Engineer, but he devoted himself to hard engineering (coding in this case) which is what most engineers do. He has worked with complex code and dominates many backend and frontend technologies. He has been a developer for large corporate projects and Conchu is his first massive app. Felipe loves his dogs and his bike, and always has an interesting opinion on most controversial topics. Did I say that he doesn’t sugar-coat anything?

@fernando is @tandelaf’s first cousin and holds a Business degree. He is also single and he’s Vicente’s father. He controls and manages legal and financial details for Conchu LLC and Infomágica in Chile and will be in charge of Conchu for Latin America and part of the USA.

@pichon is @tandelaf’s childhood friend and he created Conchu’s heart logo in 3D and is also responsible for graphic GUI design and positioning different elements within the app. He is a talented Architect, technology and photography advocate and lives with his girlfriend in Santiago, Chile.

@renzo is friends with @tandelaf and @pichon for a while now. He was cooperative and helpful from the very beggining and believed in the project early on. After launch he joined the team as CMO in charge of marketing, publicity and PR. @renzo has had more experience with dating apps than anyone on the team. He is single, loves his dog named “Chuleto” and loves reading.

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