What is Conchu?

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood” – Ben Furman.

Conchu is the only dating app that is about dates. It sounds strange, but if you stop and analize what you do on other apps you will realize that basically after you match with someone you must invest a lot of awkward time chatting and, if you are lucky, more time in setting up a date or a way to meet.

Within Conchu there are no matches, and the is no chat either. With Conchu you can agree on a date in minutes and chat only after you have checked his/her extended and detailed profile and the specifics for the date. I must note that you can chat after a date has been agreed.

On a popular but regular dating app a girl may be wondering about details about her match, like his height, what he does for a living, diet, tattoos and other details and if they both seem acceptable to one another after talking awkwardly about this they must chat awkwardly yet again to set up a date or meet. It has been like that for a long time, but it doesn’t have to be.

So Conchu arrives to solve the problem and waste of time. You can agree on a date without matching or chatting in minutes (we have seen under a minute, too). But how? Because each member’s profile showcases what people mostly wonder about and waste time asking each other on dating apps (we did our homework) and, most importantly, the date is pre-defined. Not only it’s defined, but it’s super clear. It’s so clear that the following information is available about the date: place type (restaurant, café, bar, …), spending style (Economy, moderate, V.I.P), who pays (you pay, the other person pays or 50/50) and the exact place and address of the date. Obviously the date and time, too.

Basically there are 3 ways to go on a date within Conchu: The first is looking for listed dates and “requesting” them. The member who posted it publicly will choose between all who requested it privately. The second way is posting your own date, and is similar to the first but the other way around. The third way is to send someone you like a direct 1-on-1 date invitation with all the parameters described in the previous paragraphs.

You can even post a date or invite someone and request that they pay for the date’s expenses. Also, if you invite someone on a private date they can “counter-date” you, which means something like “Well, I like you and I would go out but I’d like to change something”. You can change the time, day, who pays, spending style and/or any variable except the place

Conchu us all that and more and we would like to invite you to try it for free. Click below…

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